Nahuel Gomez Castro

I'm a software developer based in Argentina

I create web and mobile apps with the motto just works in mind.

I'm very passionate about free and open source software and I like to contribute to the community on all areas that I can on my free times.

My works


Explore and watch YouTube videos

An open source YouTube client for those concerned about their privacy and sick of heavy browsers like me! This is one of my longest projects, since I've used it a lot to learn, and therefore I've restarted it many times.

It's currently being written in Vala, an object-oriented programming language developed by GNOME that transpiles to C and makes use of the GLib Object System to create its classes and interfaces, and in GTK, a toolkit developed by the same foundation that allows creating fantastic interfaces that are fast and, together with Handy, are totally mobile friendly.


Dependency injection utilities for Vala

Throughout my learning, I came across inversion of control and dependency injection. I was quickly fascinated by them and wanted to start applying their concept wherever I put code. Great was my disappointment when I saw that Vala, one of the languages that aroused me the most passion, didn't have libraries that make it easy to use them, so I decided to create one by myself.

Making use of dependency injection via construct properties, I managed to create a basic but functional generic factory of objects (commonly called IoC Container). Soon I'll be adding more tools and improving the developer experience.